Knoebels could add two new roller coasters in 2011

Central Pennsylvania amusement park Knoebels could open two roller coasters next season. For a park with only three roller coasters in operation, that would be quite a boost. The small park is a fan favorite among theme park enthusiasts as it offers free admission, classic rides, and a homey non-commercial feel.

Black Diamond was purchased from Wildwood, New Jersey’s Dinosaur Beach where it was known as Golden Nugget. The partially enclosed roller coaster sent guests on a themed mine car ride through the desert. The Golden Nugget operated from 1960 to 1992. And then it operated on and off until remaining closed since 1999.

After an unusually long construction period, Flying Turns, may finally open. It’s an interesting throwback to a wooden bobsled roller coaster that hasn’t existed in 40 years. After numerous setbacks hopefully 2011 will finally be the year when the ride’s ready to open to the public.

Knoebels’ calling card has been revitalizing classic roller coasters and these two new additions should perfectly fit the park’s old school amusement park feel. Knoebels is also home to the critically acclaimed Phoenix which was reborn at the park after a previous life at a park in Texas.

[Image credit: Flickr user milst1]