Wi-Fi Access: Campgrounds and RV Parks

Justin posed the question about the best way to have internet access while camping. If you’re staying at RV parks or a campground in the U.S., you may not have much of a problem. More and more of them are adding Wi-Fi to their ammenities. At 350 KOA campgrounds, for example, you can get on-line if you have the equipment to do it.

Here’s a link to Wi-Fi Free Spot that lists campgrounds and RV parks that have internet. The Web site cautions that the campgrounds and internet may be seasonal. The phone numbers are provided so you can call ahead.

One of my technical problems at a campsite was more pressing than how to get internet access. When my friend who I traveled cross-country with after the Peace Corps and I were staying at a campground where we were the only people in a tent and everyone else had an RV, we discovered we didn’t have a can opener. We did have a can of beans and were pretty hungry. It’s a good thing RVers have can openers. The retired couple who lent us theirs was happy to oblige and even let us heat our beans up on their stove.