Amazing Race Elimination Station: When losing can be sweet

Losing the Amazing Race early in the competition isn’t all that bad, particularly for anyone wanting a sweet deal of a vacation. As soon as a team loses, the disappointed pair is taken to the Elimination Station, a villa in a lush location where they hang out until the end of the race. This season’s losers get to hole up in Ko Samui, Thailand.

Unfortunately, the two teams that have lost so far: Jennifer & Preston (last week) and Steve & Linda (this week) are still whining about losing, so they’re not enjoying where they are to the fullest. Hopefully, they’ll snap out of it and seek out a Thai massage before too long. If they had one hour massage a day, maybe the vision of losing would fade. Even a Thai hand or foot massage is sublime.

Here’s the link to the first video where Jennifer and Preston decide which room should be theirs. Check out the digs. Isn’t that furniture exquisite? Plus, there’s tropical fruit and people who will drive you where you want to go.