Road testing the KOR ONE water bottle

As part of Gadling’s Green month it’s part of our responsibility to test out all things green, from the new green hotels down the street to green travel destinations to new green materials and gear.

It’s been a long time coming, but recently we had the opportunity to test out KOR’s new ONE water bottles, a slick series of thin, versatile containers with an eco-conscious ethos. Constructed out of BPA-free Eastman Tritan, the bottles are lightweight, strong and sexy, with a hinged opening at the top instead of the more common, screw lids.

In today’s Nalgene-dominated market, the design is a head turner for sure. Every where we take this bottle we get compliments on it, from the frisbee field to the farmer’s market to the deli, and we’re in a constant state of explaining where we got our snazzy, space-ship bottle.

Functionally, the design is solid, with an opening wide enough for plenty of ice cubes, a strong hinge that hasn’t failed us yet and a strong construct that has survived many a fall. Our only complaint is that we can’t fit a regular scrub brush all of the way to the bottom of the container. Ah, but that’s what potassium metabisulfite is for.

The best part about owning a KOR water bottle, however, is their commitment to the environment. Each color that is sold is associated with a water-centric charity, from The Wetlands Initiative for Watershed Green to The Blue Planet Run Foundation for Orchid Pink. Part of the proceeds from each $30 water bottle sale will go to each charity.

You can read more about KOR and pick up one of their bottles over at If you can afford the $30 pricetag, it’s definitely worth the investment if only for the compliments.