Toshiba and Best Buy announce the Satellite L635 – the world’s first full-size kids laptop

Toshiba and Best Buy recently announced the world’s first full size laptop specifically designed for kids. The Toshiba Satellite L635 features a 13.3″ screen, DVD/RW drive, 2GB of memory, a 250GB drive, a wipeable keyboard and an array of software to make the machine both fun and safe to use.

The L635 comes with kid friendly browser KidZui, as well as Net Nanny, which allows parents to set boundries on what the machine can be used for. Kids also get two Disney movies and Lego Batman. When traveling, the machine can play DVD’s, keep kids entertained on a road trip and let them do their homework from their hotel room, without them having to borrow your own laptop.

Now, as a parent, I fully understand that some of you will be shaking your head, and reminding people that when we were kids, we had to settle for an old box and half a crayon. But times have changed – and without computer skills, kids are already at a disadvantage. Still, the $499.99 investment is probably quite hard to justify. Still, if the machine is treated right, it’ll last for at least five years, and $100 a year isn’t too much to ask for helping with educating (and entertaining) your kids.

The L635 is available at Best Buy retail stores and