Gadling’s Guide to Labor Day 2009

It’s the end of August and Labor Day is right around the corner. Have you got plans yet? There’s no doubt that the travel landscape is completely different from this time last year. Families are tightening the belt, savings accounts are saturating and unemployment is high.

But the travel industry is still out there, and now more than ever they want your tourist dollar. To that end, the savvy traveler can still get many a good deal on Labor Day packages, even as the last minute approaces. Here at Gadling we’re confident that you can make it, and to help you along your way we’ve created a series of posts both inspiring and perfecting your ideal holiday trip. Happy Trails!

America’s Best Labor Day Events and Summer’s Last Hurrah: Labor Day is fast approaching and that means it’s just about time to say so long to summer. The feeling is bittersweet – no one wants to bid farewell to those lazy summer days, but the onset of fall brings new beginnings as we look forward to beautiful changing leaves, cooler temps, football and fall TV.

But before we usher in the new season, it’s time to send summer out with a bang. New York has always been a place that really knows how to do it up. They’ve had a lot of practice – the first-ever Labor Day holiday was celebrated in New York City back in 1882. Colorado, Massachusetts and New Jersey were next to adopt the holiday. And before long, Labor Day was observed nationwide. Read on —>

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Five ways to avoid Labor Day Hassle:
Labor Day can be a godsend after a long summer of work. It’s hard to enjoy the beautiful warm weather when you have to be at work every Monday morning. Labor Day is not only a day off for most of us, but it’s also our last chance to really get out there and enjoy the healing and calming rays of the sun (in moderation of course) before fall starts to kick in. Some might say it’s the finest of the three-day vacations … but that means it’s also one of the busiest. Getting out of town sounds really fun until you’re stewing in the airport security line for 45 minutes or locked in highway gridlock.

Here are five ways to avoid hassle and enjoy your Labor Day vacation — you labored, right? Then you earned it.. Read on —>

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Labor Day Party Planning Guide: There’s no better way to spend Labor Day weekend than kicking back with friends, grilling out and soaking up the sunshine of those last lazy days of summer.

If you’re planning to throw a backyard bash to send summer out with a bang, it’s time to start preparing. From the food to the decorations, here are some tips and ideas for your end-of-summer shindig: Read on —>

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Labor Day: Three-Day Weekend Fun Not Far From Home: The last big three-day weekend of the summer is nearly upon us, and if you’re in the same position as most of the country, you’re finding yourself land locked for one of those ever-popular staycations.

But that doesn’t mean you can’t have any fun. Staying home can give you a great opportunity to check out your digs without the hassle of your fellow neighbors clogging things up (assuming they’re not staycationing too). So why not try checking out … Read on —>

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2009 Summer Beach Guides:
We’ve picked out ten beaches that have something for the whole family. From coast to coast, you can find great beaches with games for the kids and beautiful views for mom and dad. But we think we’ve found the absolute best for you and your loved ones. Pack up the kids and be sure to get sunscreen on everyone before you head out. Whether you have little ones or young adults, everyone should be in for a fun time. If you choose one of these beaches, you’ll be sure to have a fine day in the sun. Read on —>

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Drag out summer after Labor Day: 12 ideas: So what if it’s almost the end of August, kids are heading back to school in droves, and Labor Day is almost here?

There are ways to drag out that summer feeling with easy-going, inexpensive travel. Pick places that you haven’t been to before to heighten a sense of adventure — something that summers are made for.

Here are 12 ideas to get you started into dragging out summer–at least until the leaves start to change color. Read on —>

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Airlines roll out last minute flights for labor day: There are just two weeks left until Labor Day, but it’s not too late to plan a getaway for the holiday weekend. In fact, waiting until now to book your trip might even save you money with some of the great last-minute deals that are available. And if these deals don’t work for you, there’s still plenty of time to plan your perfect Labor Day vacation at a great price. Check out Hotwire’s Travel Ticker, peruse the sale list on Travelzoo and follow your favorite airlines on Twitter. JetBlue and Southwest regularly post their top deals on twitter, so you’ll be the first to know about great fares. Read on —>

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How to host a multi-cultural Labor Day barbecue: Labor Day is a quintessential American holiday. It’s a day to honor the workers, spend time with friends and family, and traditionally, to enjoy one last blow-out backyard barbecue before the cold weather sets in. Burgers, beers, and the all-American apple pie may be the staples, but since America is such a melting pot, why not honor that with a more international array of food and drink? Whether your ancestors arrived in America hundreds of years ago, or just within the last decade, showcase your heritage and the cultures of your closest friends by serving up some traditional cuisines from around the world. It doesn’t have to be a big hassle, you can make it as simple or complex as you like. Here are a few ideas for an international-themed Labor Day barbecue. Read on —>

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Labor Day: How to celebrate if you’re abroad: It’s coming up September 7th and you don’t want to miss it: Labor Day. Labor Day is our day to celebrate the strength of our labor and trade organizations, and in this economy, they can use all the bolstering and celebration we’ve got. Also, for Americans, Labor Day symbolizes the end of summer — and for some, the end of wearing white.

(I just try not to wear white shoes after Labor Day. The rest is too hard.)

If you’re abroad, you don’t have to skip Labor Day. There are perfectly good ways to celebrate, wherever you are. First of all, of course, you’re going to need some American food. Perhaps you don’t cook, but if you do, check out some of the apple pie recipes here — you can get the ingredients for apple pie almost anywhere, and what could be more American than that? Read on —>

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Labor Day: End the Summer Well: From parades to ceremonies, find the best places to spend Labor Day if you’d like to take part in one of the holiday’s top events. Be patriotic and celebrate the date.

At home, invite friends over during the three-day weekend and throw a little Labor Day-themed shindig for the people you love. If you need help finding what you need, check out our guide.

Or, if you don’t want to go to far from home during the holiday but you still want to do something fun, we’ve got some great suggestions for you. Also check out our 2009 Beach Guides. Read on —>