Driving the World’s Hottest Cars

When travelers arrive at a destination they often rent a car. For some people, however, the rental car is the destination.

That’s the idea behind World Class Driving. This Delaware based company has put together a rather astounding fleet of luxury automobiles which most car enthusiasts can only dream about driving. WCD makes it a reality.

The company organizes driving events throughout America in which participants can drive each of the cars in its fleet; a Ferrari F430, Lamborgini Gallardo Spider, Ford GT, Porsche GT3 (or the Aston Martin Vanta) and the $480,000 Mercedes SLR McLaren Supercar (above).

Participants drop a whopping $1,295 for the once-in-a-lifetime experience and can spend 25 minutes with each car driving a designated route on open roads.

But don’t get too excited.

A rather limiting, but understandable list of rules can really harsh the experience:

No speeding
No reving engines
No radio use / no cell phone use
No burn-outs
Traction control must stay on

In addition, a “black box system” will monitor the drive to ensure none of this happens. Oh, and don’t expect to take out the half million dollar SLR McLaren on your own. A staff member will be sitting in the passenger seat making sure you don’t put a $50,000 ding in the fender.