Voodoo Zip Line Will Soon Soar Over Vegas

Opening in November, the Voodoo Zip Line will connect two towers at Las Vegas’ Rio casino. Starting at the 50th floor of the Masquerade Tower at the VooDoo Steakhouse, riders will travel a third-mile to the 20th floor of the Impanema Tower in about 70 seconds. Riders soar nearly 500 feet above Las Vegas at 33 miles per hour.

Need more zip line? Voodoo Skyline is not the only one in Vegas. Slotzilla, located at the Fremont Street Experience, lets riders take off from a 12 story high slot machine-like platform just below the Viva Vision canopy. Flying at a choice of either 70 or 110 feet above Fremont Street, this one looks to be a tamer version of the Voodoo Zip Line. Interesting, but a one-way ride.Riders on the Voodoo Zip Line will travel 845 feet from tower to tower then make a return trip via a motorized pulley system, traveling backward at 25 mph.

Greece Plans To Keep Rowdy Tourists Out Of Town

Disrespect the locals a few too many times and they may decide to shun you from the local enclaves and relegate you to tacky tourist ghettos. Unfortunately, that may be exactly what’s in store for visitors headed to the Greek islands.

Locals there say they’ve had enough of debauched tourists who have been wreaking havoc in the otherwise beautiful and peaceful Mediterranean region. Their solution? Set up segregated tourist zones to keep the riffraff out.The drastic plan is under consideration after a recent spate of incidents involving bar brawls, rowdy behavior and the stabbing of a British teenager on the island of Crete. The Greek islands attract huge numbers of young pleasure-seekers who are eager to party, much to the unhappiness of locals. To get around the problem, they’re looking at establishing “tourist strips” far from town where foreigners can go wild without bothering anyone.

If the Greeks do agree on the plan, it’ll be a sad day for travelers who actually want to experience everything the islands have to offer. Visiting a city that’s split in half — with locals on one side and tourists on another — is not really visiting the city at all. Think of the tourist strip in Cancun, which is nothing like the real Mexico, or Times Square in New York, which is far from representative of the Big Apple. Do we really want all of our travels to feel like a trip to the Vegas Strip? If we want to continue having authentic travel experiences, it’s time to step up and treat the locals and their way of life with respect.

Vegas Restaurant Will Suspend Diners 180 Feet In Air

In a city like Las Vegas, dreaming up new gimmicks to attract visitors is no easy task. Adrenaline-seekers can already bungee jump off the Stratosphere or drive a racecar around the Las Vegas Motor Speedway, but soon a new thrill will come to town: the ability to eat dinner at a table suspended in the air.

The aerial dining concept is simple. A steel tower with a pair of lifts raises two dinner tables 180 feet above the Las Vegas skyline. Chefs prepare food in the center of the table, while up to 22 guests surround them strapped into amusement park-style chairs. From high above the city, guests will take in 360-degree views of the Strip and the surrounding area.

Dinner in the Sky might be new to Vegas, but it’s not an entirely new concept. Similar attractions have popped up in recent years across the United States and internationally, usually on a temporary basis. In Las Vegas, the company has been doing its own trial run. Here’s what one diner said about the experience:

“My husband thought it would be romantic to take me to dinner overlooking Vegas at a height of over 150 feet. What he didn’t know is that I would completely freak out and be terrified when I saw what we were going to do … So here I was terrified in the beginning and once we got going I realized it really wasn’t going to be bad at all. In fact, I really enjoyed myself … Only one person was super terrified the entire length of the dinner.” – Yelp user Lauren H.

Ground broke on Dinner in the Sky Las Vegas yesterday, and it plans to officially open in late summer. The experience will start at $290 per person, including a three-course meal with wine pairings and a souvenir photo. Eight nightly seatings that last about an hour, including the ascent and descent, are planned. Let’s hope nobody loses their lunch in the middle of the ride – or has to get up to use the bathroom.

Massive Vegas Mall, Hotel, Casino Project To Be World’s Largest

Las Vegas is no stranger to over-the-top attractions, hosting a variety of them over the years. In a single day, travelers can see a volcano explode, ride a roller coaster in “New York,” race cars, jump off the top of a hotel and more – in the middle of the desert. Coming up in 2014, construction will begin on a new project, designed to be largest, most engaging experience in the world.

Eurasia Vegas will feature indoor/outdoor theme parks, an 800-foot Ferris wheel (bigger than the 683-foot Dubai Eye), multiple golf courses and 15 million square feet of retail space. Anchored by six hotels, 39 casinos and a world-class convention center, Eurasia Vegas looks to have something for everyone, including “nation pavilions” featuring native food, products and entertainment from around the world.

The 1200-acre project is being put together by Eurasia Resorts International, Ltd. Of Nassau, Bahamas, and will be built on Bureau of Land Management (BLM) land located not far from the Las Vegas Strip.

Believing that Las Vegas is “no longer the gaming location of choice for many of the world’s top professional gamblers and high-rolling tourists,” Eurasia Las Vegas looks to change all that by making the desert resort “the most compelling, must go and see and shop experience in the world,” says the project’s developer in an 83-page proposal.

Four unusual ways to get married in Las Vegas

Valentine’s Day is here, meaning many people can’t help but have marriage on their mind. It’s estimated that over 300 wedding ceremonies happen per day in Las Vegas–America’s quintessential locale for love, lights, and luck–where there are plenty of options that go beyond run-of-the-mill ceremonies. Below are a few of the most unusual ways to tie the knot in Sin City.Pop-Up Chapel
The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas
If you find yourself seeking an impromptu wedding, check out the pop-up chapel at The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas (pictured above). Novelty rings are dispensed from a gumball machine, and a photobooth posts pictures to Facebook and Twitter. Prices start at $80 for the bare-bones “Hitched in a Hurry Package,” which includes the ceremony, champagne, two rings, a photo, and a gift bag.

Photo courtesy The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas.

Marriage in the Sky
Las Vegas Hotel
Say your vows high in the sky as you take a 22-mile helicopter flight over the Las Vegas Strip. At a cost of $1,200, the soon-so-be-wed couple can take off with four guests. The trip starts as the sun sets, and includes pretty much everything: digital photos, a bridal bouquet and matching boutonniere for the groom, transportation, and champagne. If a helicopter isn’t for you, there are also several companies doing hot air balloon wedding around Las Vegas.

Underwater Wedding
Silverton Casino
Dive right into married life at the Silverton Casino, where you can share vows inside a 117,000-gallon saltwater aquarium. More than stringrays, sharks, and more than 4,000 tropical fish will bear witness to the ceremony (plus anyone that just-so-happens to be passing by). The casino’s wedding package includes all the gear you’ll need, a photo package, and officiate service. Mermaids are available upon request.

Photo by mree / flickr.

The Little White Chapel Tunnel of Love
This drive-thru wedding chapel was conceived in 1991, when Charolette Richards–who had been in the wedding industry since the 1950’s–noticed a handicapped couple having difficulty getting out of their car and into a chapel. Today, The Little White Chapel maintains the classic “Tunnel of Love,” a 24-hour drive-up wedding window, allowing couples to get married in limos, on motorcycles, or in their cars. It’s unusual, but it’s also one of the most talked about ways to get married in Las Vegas: the drive-thru chapel has hosted wedding ceremonies and vow renewals for may celebrities, and has been featured on TV shows including Friends and The Today Show.