Latitudes Number 12

Ah yes. Happy day. The most recent issue of one of my favorite online magazines is up today. I’ve posted about them a gagillion times before, but every issue provides new visual joy for the avid traveler…or for the vicarious one, which includes most of us right now.

The magazine is called Latitudes and comes out of Italy, even though there is an English version…which is probably the one you should be checking unless you speak Italian.

The issue, as always, is filled with lavishly delightful, artfully composed photographs with a few “Easter eggs” thrown in…by Easter eggs, I mean clever little flash animations that add some pizzazz to the articles. The one thing I object to with the magazine is how it pops off and doesn’t allow you to link into specific stories. But we’ll give them a pass.

Stories this month cover Antigua, Juarez, South Africa, Santiago de Compostela and the Seychelles.