The best from the weird and wacky world of tourist complaints

We tourists are a curious bunch – apparently, by paying for our trip, some of us feel we are entitled to absolute perfection. In this lineup, we’ve listed several of the most insane lawsuits taken to court by tourists.

Have you ever encountered something so ridiculous on a trip, that you had to take your case to court?


The case of the slutty Dutch girl
and the kitchen staff

A Dutch family visited the judge demanding a full refund of their vacation, as well as compensation for having to move to a new resort.

Apparently the situation at their original resort was unbearable, forcing them to relocate to a more expensive location.

What the Dutch forgot to tell the court, was that their daughter had slept with the entire kitchen staff, forcing hotel management to fire most of them.

Verdict: case dismissed

The case of the stupid locals enjoying their own beach

A German couple pleaded their case at the local court, demanding compensation for a spoiled vacation.

The 2 Germans were very upset that their (public) Mauritian beach was also being used by locals. And obviously, the one thing that can spoil a vacation, is having to interact with the people that actually live there.

Verdict: local judge throws case into a local trash can

The case of the outhouse is not an acceptable bathroom?

A Swedish tourist visited his court to beg for a full refund of his vacation.

His complaint? His remote farm destination lacked in-building bathroom facilities, and he was forced to use an outhouse. Apparently this was just too much for him to deal with.

Verdict: case ended up in the crapper

The disturbing case of the do not disturb sign

It takes a special level of stupid to mistake the do not disturb sign on the inside of your door for a warning to stay in your room. That didn’t prevent one tourist from filing an official complaint asking for her money back.

When she arrived at her hotel, she got to her room, and stayed there for several days, claiming the hotel staff forced her to stay indoors. After a little digging, the court found that she saw the sign, and mistook it for a “don’t you dare leave this room” sign.

Verdict: This woman probably does need to be locked in a room somewhere.

The case of the loud mosque

A Dusseldorf court listened to the rants of a German tourist demanding his money back. His vacation had been ruined by the daily call for prayer at a local Turkish mosque. In the weird little world of this tourist, calls for prayer are to be silenced when he’s enjoying his vacation.

Verdict: Stupid tourist should be forced to listen to “case dismissed” every day for a week.

The case of the snores galore

Snoring people are everywhere – including airplanes. However, when a German tourist was treated to several hours of loud snoring on his flight to South Africa, instead of just chalking it up to another annoyance of air travel, he went to court to demand a full refund.

Sadly for him, the court had to explain to him that snoring people are just part of life, and told him to stop wasting their time.

Verdict: a snooze case

The case of the super fertile pool water!

There have been many stories of immaculate conception in history. But none was as weird as the story of a Polish girl that got impregnated through the pool water at their Egyptian resort.

The mother of the girl insisted that her daughter did not have sex, and that the only explanation had to be the filthy sperm infested waters of the hotel pool.

Verdict: This case is dead in the water

The case of nobody told me the fire could burn me

Burning Man may not be the kind of vacation destination suitable for everyone, but 50,000 people make the trip each year. This year, one visitor walked around the large bonfire, getting closer and closer each time.

Eventually, he tripped, and fell right into the flames, burning his hands. Because nobody had told him about the dangers of fire, he took his case to court demanding someone pay him for his stupidity.

Verdict: case fizzles out

The curious case of too many Germans

Brits and Germans have a very special relationship when they are abroad. And by special, I mean they hate each other.

Germans steal all the pool chairs in the morning, and Brits get drunk and wake the Germans up very early, forcing them to get up even earlier for their pool chairs (pardon the stereotypes).

One British tourist had enough – he took a trip to court demanding his cash back. His complaint? His travel agent had failed to mention that his destination was also popular with Germans. And apparently, too many Germans is enough to completely spoil your vacation.

Verdict: Klage abgewiesen!