Lesbian couple sues hotel after being denied double room

A lesbian couple is suing a hotel in England after being refused a double room.

Rebecca Nash and Hope Stubbings say they tried to check into the Brunswick Square Hotel in Brighton but were refused a room because the hotel only gives rooms to couples.

This is surprising for a number of reasons. First, it’s illegal in the UK for hotels to refuse rooms to gay and lesbian couples. Second, Brighton is England’s most popular gay and lesbian seaside town and surely the Brunswick Square Hotel has had to deal with gay guests before. And third, a court fined a bed and breakfast for refusing a room to a gay couple earlier this year.

In the earlier case, the hotel owners were defiant, saying homosexuality was against their Christian principles. In the Brighton case, it’s a matter of “he said, she said.” The manager says the couple hadn’t made a booking. The lesbian couple said the manager got angry and told them “no two boys, no two girls” in the rooms before kicking them out.

[Lesbian flag image courtesy Wikimedia Commons]

Chicago's Gay Games 2006 & Culture

From July 15-22, 2006, Chicago will play
host to the 2006 Gay Games. Chicagoist reports more than
8,000 athletes
are preparing for the games and Chi-Town is "thriving" as a gay-friendly city. 
Beyond the games there is much for the extremely liberal minded to do in the city aside from the snoring-boring old bar
scene as pointed out in a new book by Kathie Bergquist and Robert McDonald, which is scheduled to hit shelves in May, "The
Field Guide to Gay and Lesbian Chicago."
Just in time for folks with an interest in the Windy City and taking
part in the games.

The games will offer 30 different sport competitions varying from recreational to elite
levels. The sports villages will be split into five areas for convenience and to help foster camaraderie and support as
noted on the official site. Sports include badminton, basketball, beach
volleyball, ice hockey, rowing, martial arts, power lifting and rugby to name only a few. Sir Elton John, a Gay Games Ambassador, is thrilled to be involved with the
Gay Games and feels a well-deserved spotlight has been turned on athletic and cultural performances by members of the
lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender folks and their friends globally due to the games.

Check out the official website for additional details inlcuding event schedule.