Travel Photography Contest: Let’s Go

For all you photographers out there, the Let’s Go travel guide company is running a photography contest. Here is what the editors are looking for:

“We’re looking for primarily scenes that capture the essence of the books we are updating this summer: Europe, Western Europe, Eastern Europe, France, Britain, Greece, Ireland, Italy, New Zealand, Puerto Rico, Mexico, Spain & Portugal, London, Amsterdam, and USA.”

The contest deadline is April 15, 2007. There’s still time to search out your best and send it in. Along with your photo, you need to include: your name, contact information, location and date of the photograph and a signed copy of the Terms and Conditions. You can submit on-line at photocontest@let’

If you win, besides letting us know since that would be so cool to have a Gadling reader featured, Let’s Go will put your photograph on the cover of the Let’s Go Guide and a copy of the book. The guide will come out in November.