Weekend In Miami: Lincoln Road

After we left Lincoln Road Beach, we cruised along the pedestrian-only, open-aired Lincoln Road Mall to see what we’d do for dinner. After all, everyone had told us Lincoln Road was THE place for shopping and nightlife — the NY Times calls this the Fifth Avenue of the South! — so we figured we’d scope out our options, and think about them as we cleaned up from the beach.

In addition to the many retail shops on Lincoln Road, there are also a number of “freelance vendors” trying to sell their goods. Some of the art was especially good.

Interestingly, right in the middle of this commercial area sits a beautiful old church.

The City has done an excellent job making Lincoln Road look “natural.”

However, while I was intrigued with the “look” of Lincoln Road, I felt that it resembled outdoor strips the world over. There was nothing particularly special about any of the restaurants we passed, though admittedly, the offerings looked good. Many restaurants around here prepare their dishes and set them out to lure passersby. A good idea, I’d say, considering the number of restaurants competing for business.

When we reached the end of the strip, we turned and headed back.

We were a little disappointed, since we had heard such good things about this area. Sure, it was pretty, but there was noting unique about it, except for maybe the architecture.

We shuffled on back to the entry-point…

…and were very happy that our hotel was so close.

In reality, I wasn’t all that sad we hadn’t found anywhere to eat dinner on Lincoln Road. Why? Because I had a contingency plan, and as it turned out, it was better than anything we could’ve expected.

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