“We’ll overnight a bikini to your hotel.” – Lisa Curran

Lisa Curran is the designer of the luxury Lisa Curran swimwear line — those suits you often see in the giftshop at your boutique hotel.

Some of the big hotels carry her designs too, like many Ritz-Carltons. What’s so special about these suits? They fit. No — they really, really fit. And if you can’t find the right size or style at your hotel (or local department store), call them up. They’ll overnight you a suit!

One of the reasons that hotels like to carry Lisa Curran is that they don’t really have room for a huge inventory, and they know people are going to be satisfied with her suits. Curran starting designing swimwear ten years ago, and was one of the first designers to sell bikini tops and bottoms separately. Because not doing that is simple highway robbery. She also, as you can see in the image, creates gathers and folds — always using the best Italian fabrics available — which lay modestly where you’re skinnier and support generously where you’re fatter. I’m talking about boobs, here, people. There, I said it.

Also, if you like the color but not the suit, like the top but not the bottom, or vice versa, you’re in luck — the suits are created in “groups,” and there’s probably something else in that “group” you’d like — and it’s easy to order online at LisaCurran.com.

Also, Lisa has teamed up with healthy skincare product line Lavanila to create a new group that pairs lavender suits with lavender scents: The Summer Essentials Kit. The Summer Essentials Kit includes the suit you see here or the ones in the gallery below (on hot girls), as well as Lavanila Vanilla Lavender Healthy Lip Shine and Lavanila Vanilla Lavender Healthy Body Butter. You will look and smell delicious.

Better still, part of the proceeds from each Summer Essentials Kit (available for $175 starting Friday, mark your calendars) will go to The Ocean Project, which seeks to increase the success of ocean conservation by raising awareness. Now it’s time for you to raise your awareness of hot models in purple: