Video of the Day: Eating live octopus

We’ve already discussed how much some people enjoy photographing their food. What happens, however, when your food is moving? Still images can’t capture the action of live animals squirming on your plate. Sound strange? Well, it happens. In Korean restaurants around the world, you can order live octopus. The tentacles move. The head throbs. The suction cups stick to your mouth. Weird? Sure. Delicious? Well, you know what they say: taste in the mouth in the ingester.

Video: Eating live octopus in Korea (Warning: Graphic)

The team here at Gadling has seen our fair share of shocking internet videos, and some of us have worked up the courage to eat some pretty questionable fare during our travels, but this clip from Fuel TV’s Strangers in Danger might just be the most revolting thing we’ve ever seen.

Eating live octopus, or san nachi is widely practiced in South Korea, but the octopi being served are typically small enough to be wrapped around chopsticks and eaten in one bite. In this graphic clip, BMX pros “Catfish” Yankush and Mike “Rooftop” Escamilla decided to take it to a new extreme by choking down some unusually large cephalopods – with mixed results.

If you’re hungry for more, check out what the guys decide to do at Korea’s DMZ after the break; or catch the full episode tonight at 10:30PM E/P on Fuel TV and tune in every Tuesday as these two athletes travel through 13 different countries to take on the best, worst, & wildest challenges in each culture.