America’s Most Miserable Airports

US News & World Report recently looked at the 47 largest hub and non-hub airports in America. After analyzing data that included on-time performance and average load factor (i.e., how crowded the airplanes are), they assigned an “Airport Misery Index” to each airport. The more tardy the airport and the more crowded the airplane, the higher the Misery Index.

Guess which airport is the most miserable:

This list represents only the top 10 “most miserable” airports in the US. For the entire list, see US News & World Report. Some things of note about the results:

  • JFK ranks as the airport with the greatest percentage of flights delayed.
  • Honolulu is the best at maintaining on-time departures.
  • Honolulu has the highest average load factor.
  • Houston’s Hobby Airport has the lowest average load factor.