Attractive laptop bags for the seriously paranoid (like me)

Loopbags is a line of laptop bags that really, really protect your laptop. And for some of us, that means being able to sleep on the plane.

Not that I need an excuse to be protective of my laptop computer — it’s a valuable little thing — but, you know, I travel, and it’s my job to write about it. And if I get to say, Puerto Rico, and my laptop is busted? I am screwed.

Loopbags has laptop briefcases, backpacks (shown), messengers, totes and sleeves in a variety of pleasing colors for men and women. What really impresses me about these bags, though, is the quality of the engineering. These bags have zippers which can virtually unfold the entire bag and give you an infinite choice of possibilities for where to keep what — except the computer of course, which has its designated, waterproof (even the zippers), and snugly padded pocket. And yes, all Loop bags fit under the sit in front of you and/or in the overhead compartment. The shoulders are adjustable ergonomic nylon with shock-resistant padding, and it’s also full of secret pockets for cash, passports and other stuff I get paranoid about.

I’ve gotta say, this is the first backpack I’ve seen in years that I wouldn’t be embarrassed to wear. You can browse the APLF Award winning bags by style or laptop size.

Pictured is the Loopbag Vanguard Backpack in Sand, Azure, and Lime — and wait until you see it from all sides! Check out the site for more views and zips/unzips, and click here to shop. These are currently on sale for $114 (from $142).