The Future Looks Hopeful For New York’s Proposed Underground Park

Back in September, we told you about New York’s proposed Delancey Underground, or “Low Line.” While we were unsure of its future at that time, it now looks as if the city’s first underground park will become a reality.

The park, which was inspired by New York’s “High Line,” an abandoned elevated railway, also makes use of the concept of disregarded spaces. In fact, the project’s founders, Dan Barasch and James Ramsey, are planning to build the park in an abandoned subway station. People obviously love outlandish ideas, as the pair was able to surpass their Kickstarter goal by $50,000, raising $155,000 of crowd-sourced funding. For the Low Line to work, special technology will need to be used, and the pair will now be able to show people exactly how this will work.

For a better idea of what helped the proposed park’s success, check out the Kickstarter video above.

What are your thoughts on an underground park?

Low Line may become New York’s first underground park

The High Line park in New York City has received widespread acclaim for its excellent reuse of old, elevated rail. Formerly a freight line that ran along part of the west side of Manhattan, a slice of track was recently seeded with plant and parklife to create a stretch of elevated public space running through the city, and the High Line is now a must-see for many visitors to the city.

So how else can old space be repurposed for the public good? By creating underground parks, of course. New York Magazine released renderings of a proposed Delancey Underground or “Low Line” this weekend that shows a potential plan to turn an abandoned trolley station in the lower east side into a public park, complete with piped in light from the surface above.

The community is set to start discussing the project later this month, and depending on their outcome, the park could begin development soon thereafter.

Check out the full spectrum of renderings over at the NY Mag website.