Lunarama: Where To Go To Get Your Food On Late-Night

If you’re planning on staying out late in an unfamiliar city, you might want to check out Lunarama before you go.

Organized by city — almost all of which are in the US — the site feature tons of user-submitted suggestions for all-restaurants and joints. To see how complete the site is, I searched for some of my own favorite places:

  • In downtown Atlanta? Try The Majestic, a diner I used to frequent that hasn’t closed its doors once since 1929. Perfect for calming down after boogeying at Blind Willie’s.
  • Bloomington, Indiana’s Falafels serves some of the tastiest gyros I’ve ever had. Perfect for after a day hiking in the area’s nearby parks.
  • Indy’s Red Eye Cafe‘ll make ya squint, but the food is great. Head there after you drink steins at the Rathskeller.
  • The Big Pink is a great place to go in Miami, post-clubbing or after a long day at the beach.