Photo of the day – Lunch in Serbia

One of the best parts of traveling is indulging in a few vices. The “hey, I’m on vacation!” attitude enables you to order dessert, have a glass of wine with lunch, and not worry about the calories you’re taking in, especially as you figure you’ll burn them off walking around museums or hiking the countryside. This photo by Flickr user eolone in Serbia shows some of the best travel food groups: the sausage group, the fried group, even the “hey, I’m in Europe!” tobacco group. Just switch out the water for a beer and you’d have the perfect guilt-free (for now) vacation meal.

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Pack your own shore lunch – Cruise tip

When you’re busy having fun in the sun during days ashore, why leave the beach or other destination, just to schlep to a restaurant and fork over a wad of cash for lunch? Instead, have your cruise ship make your lunch. Best of all, it doesn’t cost any extra!

Most cruises offer 24-hour room service. An hour or so before you’re ready to disembark, call in an order for a sandwich, chips, and fruit (or whatever suits your fancy). Just pack it in your beach bag, and head out for a carefree day of fun!

Eat early – Dining out tip

One of the best parts of a vacation is trying new and tasty cuisines. Unfortunately, it can also be one of the most expensive parts. To give your wallet a break and still relish in the joys of fine dining, opt for eating out earlier in the day.

As a rule, breakfast, brunch and lunch menus are less expensive than dinner menus. A big meal earlier in the day is also a great way to keep you energetic for the day’s sightseeing activities.

It’s okay to splurge on dinner every once in a while, but consider something quick, easy and inexpensive for most of your later meals. Bonus: by not filling up late at night, you’ll feel more awake, ready to tackle your destination’s nightlife!

Virgin America unrolls fresh spring food selections

If you’re sick of the same old chicken or beef + wine or sugar water for your in flight meal, you’re not alone. Many people in the green revolution are moving towards healthier and fitter food selections, and the same old peanuts, pretzels and diet coke aren’t cutting it.

To find any creative meal content, however, you’re going to have to step away from the legacy carriers. Leading the effort, Virgin America, recently redesigned their spring in-flight menu to include options for the health conscious travelers.

Those traveling in Coach will now be able to select fruit and cheese, spring spinach salads, hummus and pita chips, wild berry parfait and mandarin chicken hand rolls among a host of other delectable options.

Guests in First get more mouth water options, including maple roasted chicken, barbecue lamb cutlets and braised beef with peas, feta and nuts. Yum. Take a look at the first class options in the gallery below, and hope that the other carriers tune in and kick up their food offerings as well.