Daily Pampering: Gresso’s $1 million jackpot phone

You don’t have to win big in Las Vegas to act like a high-roller. For a cool $1 million you can purchase Gresso’s Luxor Las Vegas Jackpot cellphone, which will no doubt show people you’re worth it even if you didn’t win.

The Luxor Las Vegas phones have cases made of solid gold, are embellished with a bezel and feature a 200-year-old Balckwood on the back panel. The phone’s case is made of pure gold and weighs 180 grams and, as if that wasn’t enough, the case is encrusted with black diamonds. According to Gresso, each key on the keyboard is made of sapphires, although we can’t verify since we have yet to get our hands on one.

Want one? Get in line – there are only three available in the entire world.
A word of advice to the wealthy three who capture one of these Jackpots: if you’re going to talk the talk, please walk the walk, and dress the part. The phone is worth $1 million so make sure you look like $1 million when it’s in your hand.

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