Men-only Australia resort promises the ultimate ‘mancation’

What happens in Lake Macquarie stays in Lake Macquarie? Doesn’t have the same ring as Las Vegas, but something tells us the theme is rather similar.

The Lynx Lodge, a new resort under development in Lake Macquarie, New South Wales, will cater exclusively to men when it opens its doors in November. The resort is being dubbed the “ultimate man-cation destination” and suggests men get back to their “primal roots.” At The Lynx Lodge, men will be privy to on-demand massages from models, sexy wake-up calls, and nightly games of Twister (which apparently, does include the actual board game).

According to the hotel’s website, the lodge is a play on the typical male fantasy (and as I write this, I wonder why I didn’t hand this over to one of the Gadling men to write up.) The resort promises no candlelit dinners or long walks on the beach talking about feelings.

Room rates have not be set, but you can start the booking process on their website by entering a few personal details. I didn’t go through the process, but I’m guessing the prices be well past the budget mark. Don’t believe me? The official slogan of the resort is “Get laid back” – that’s gotta cost you something, man.