Gadling’s 2011 NYC summit / NoFF happy hour recap

One week ago, the nefarious crew here at Gadling assembled from all parts of the globe to gather in the Big Apple for our annual team summit. Led by Gadling’s steadfast Editor-in-Chief & tequila pusher, Mr. Grant Martin, the team took to the bustling streets of NYC for a weekend of strategizing, socializing, pool sharking, and vital face time.

The highlights of the weekend (from what we can remember) included a travel/tech panel organized & curated by Gadling’s own Jeremy Kressmann; where Drew Patterson (CEO of Jetsetter), Geoff Lewis (CEO of Topguest) and Grant Martin discussed the present and future of social media’s impact on loyalty programs.

On Saturday evening, we had the pleasure of teaming up once again with the boys at the Nomading Film Festival to wrangle some of the top NYC-based talent in the travel industry for our second happy hour of 2011. Hosted at the Lolita Bar in Manhattan’s Lower East Side, we convened over a special pouring

of 17 Year Old Fine Oak & 18 Year Old Sherry Oak Single Malts from the Macallan. A sensible amount of scotch & tequila was consumed, new friends were made, old friends reunited, and when the fine folks at Mastercard & Travelocity started feeling generous, coveted gifts (and gnomes) were raffled.


We couldn’t have asked for a better group to share the celebrations with; thank you to all that were able to make it. If you missed us this time around, then scroll through the gallery above to see the photos that we were allowed to publish. If you want the uncensored version, you’ll just have to join us next time!

Daily Pampering: Fine and Rare Macallan for $10,500

Ask a scotch drinker about their dram of choice and often you will hear two words: The Macallan. For today’s Daily Pampering, we head to Speyside in Scotland – the home of malt whisky and Fine and Rare bottles that can be yours for $10,500.

Pull into The Macallan gates to learn about the magic that happens inside.

The tour begins at the distillery. Visitors see the mash tuns, washbacks, stills, and casks and learn about how each part of the process works together to create the golden scotch deliciousness. Several exhibits explain the process of turning new spirit into whisky with stories about the barley, the wood casks, and the tasting notes. Visitors who book the Precious Whisky Tour (lasting 2 hours and 15 minutes for 20 pounds) continue into the nosing room for a tutored tasting of a range of Macallan whiskies. You might even catch a glimpse of Bob Delgarno, Master Whisky Maker working away in his office right next to the nosing room.

Next head to The Macallan shop to stock up on barware, logo-wear, and food products infused with whisky. Flanked in leather and embossed with he Macallan logo, the Hunters Flask included two small metal cups to share whisky on the go. This is the time to check out the Fine and Rare bottles. For the 1937 bottle, enough liquid for 174 bottles were taken from the cask in 1969 – it can be yours for for $10,500.

A visit to The Macallan Estate and Distillery reveals the intense passion of the team that make some of the best whisky in the world. A fine rare experience indeed. Slainte Mhath!

Want more? Get your daily dose of pampering right here.

GadlingTV’s Travel Talk – Orlando, Florida

GadlingTV’s Travel Talk, episode 17 – Click above to watch video after the jump

It’s no secret that Orlando is the top city for tourism in the United States – but Orlando has more to offer than theme parks & thrill rides. If you’re planning a trip to Orlando this summer, then tune in this week as we sample Orlando’s high life – and the younger, wilder side that draws families in from all over the world.

In this episode, we discuss Orlando’s history as a tourism destination and why Walt Disney chose to build an empire in central Florida. As we explore the finer side of the city we’ll show you where to practice your golf swing, how to properly cut a cigar, and we get a special tour of the Macallan from brand ambassador Eden Algie.

Stay tuned on Friday as we witness a live Shuttle launch, ride rollercoasters, and teach Stephen how to wakeboard!

If you have any questions or comments about Travel Talk, you can email us at talk AT gadling DOT com.

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Want to get instruction from a PGA Pro while in Orlando? Check out the Brad Brewer Academy at Shingle Creek.
For an introduction to everything about Cigars, check out the Corona Cigar Club in downtown Orlando.

And a special thanks to Eden Algie and the Macallan for taking us through a tour of some of Scotland’s finest whisky!

Hosts: Stephen Greenwood, Aaron Murphy-Crews, Drew Mylrea
Special Guests: Eden Algie, Brad Brewer.

Produced, Edited, and Directed by: Stephen Greenwood, Aaron Murphy-Crews, Drew Mylrea

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