MacBook Air or bomb? One guy’s trip through airport security

Apple’s newest doodad is 3/4th of an inch at its thickest point and weighs three pounds. But apparently that makes the Macbook Air the perfect bomb–at least in the eyes of airport security.

One Mac lover ran his Air through the x-ray machine without thinking about what the lack of a hard drive, CD drive, or ports would look like to the security guys. Pretty soon, there are dozens of security guards running around thinking they’ve got a terrorist dumb enough to carry a bomb through the security checkpoint.

It wasn’t until a new recruit with some common sense (and who reads the news) chimed in.

He tells the others that it is a real laptop, not a “device”. That it has a solid-state drive instead of a hard disc. They don’t know what he means. He tries again, “Instead of a spinning disc, it keeps everything in flash memory.” Still no good. “Like the memory card in a digital camera.” He points to the x-ray, “Here. That’s what it uses instead of a hard drive.”

Over at Reddit, there are some hilarious comments to this story. My favorite:

Ironic that the “Air” keeps him grounded.

In January, I raised concerns about the suitability of the MacBook Air for travelers. Add this to the list.