New York City package deal from Carlton Hotel

Want to have a classy winter rendezvous in New York City? Between December 21st, 2008, and March 15th, 2009, The Carlton on Madison Avenue has a droolworthy “Winter in the City” package deal.

“The Carlton on Madison Avenue has a cozy ‘Winter in the City’ package, which combines comfy delights, including a ‘Comfort Foods’ menu featuring dishes such as truffled mac & cheese, poached lobster, and peanut butter hot chocolate, exclusively created for guests opting for the package, and passes to ice-skate at Rockefeller Center.”

The package, which starts at a reasonable NYC price of $385 (pre-taxes and gratuities) per night, includes a 2-night stay at the luxury Madison Avenue Carlton Hotel, a private consultation with a furrier at Saks (I know, right?), a New York City snow globe welcome gift, and all the grand amenities of the Big Apple.

If I didn’t live here, I would beg for this for Christmas. Contact The Carlton for more information and availability!

Liberal Housemate Wanted (Madison, WI)

I just saw this sign at Just Coffee (fair trade coffee shop) in Madison, Wisconsin this weekend and it made me laugh. It also made me realize it’s been a while since I looked for a roommate. Apparently, people no longer look for housemates based on their inherent sense of cleanliness and ability to pay rent on time. Today, what one seeks in a roommate is a “liberal” way of life. Republicans need not apply. What about embracing diversity, kids?

The poster says “we are serious about recycling, voting, not wasting food, water, electricity, etc.” Is that honestly what “liberal” has become in this country? And, what do you mean by “serious about voting”?

Honestly, in a town like Madison, the nest of American creativity (just a reminder – Jon Stewart, S. Colbert, The Onion…- all started here), is it even possible to find a non-liberal housemate?