Mammoth Mountain Guarantees Snow For Opening Day And Beyond

Anyone who loves to ski or snowboard can tell you that last winter was less than stellar in terms of snowfall across most of North America. But the long-term outlook for this year appears to be much improved and ski resorts are gearing up for what promises to be a much better season. In fact, the forecasts are so good that Mammoth Mountain, located in California’s Sierra Nevada, is actually guaranteeing snow for opening day.

Skiers who book a stay with Mammoth between now and November 8, the projected opening day, are guaranteed a base depth of at least 10 inches of snow when they hit the slopes. If the base is less than 10 inches, those guests can elect to keep their original registration and receive a $100 gift card or they can reschedule their stay without any kind of fees or penalties.

But the resort is extending its snow guarantee well beyond opening day. The guarantee actually stretches into February with increasing base depths to correspond with the advancing dates. So while Mammoth promises 10 inches of snow in early November, that number actually rises to 28 inches by mid-December, 50 inches by mid-January and 70 inches by mid-February.

The offer for guaranteed snow is extended to those who book their stay early, which in this case means before opening day or November 8, which ever comes first. This is a good option for skiers and snowboarders looking for fresh powder this season as they can book a stay at Mammoth early and if the snow isn’t up to expectations simply move their dates.

For more information on the Mammoth Early Booking Snow Guarantee, click here.

[Photo courtesy Mammoth Mountain]