Iron Chef Morimoto working on skewered airport food

Celebrity chef Masaharu Morimoto has partnered with a restaurant operator to bring a new Asian inspired food concept to US airports.

The concept is called Skewers, and it will feature a variety of meat and vegetables on…skewers, of course.

The meals will be served with rice bowls, and the idea is that this dish is highly portable and easy to bring on board your flight.

The skewered dishes are called Yakitori, and prices will range between $4.50 and $16.95. Morimoto predicts that Yakitori will be the next big wave, and fully expects it to be very popular.

Personally, I welcome any new food to the airport – we’ve had to deal with bad pizza and stale sandwiches for too long, though I do worry that this new food may be a tad aromatic. I really hate it when people bring strong smelling food on the plane (unless they bring enough for everyone). I also hope the TSA has no objection to wooden skewers. As of right now, no locations or dates have been announced for these new restaurants.