Stay overnight at Frank Lloyd Wright’s Fallingwater

Architecture buffs and fans of Frank Lloyd Wright have long enjoyed a visit to the architect’s Fallingwater house, near Pittsburgh, and soon, true fanatics can pay a premium to spend two days and two nights on the famous property. The new overnight program will debut on weekends, welcoming up to 8 guests at a time, either this December or in early March of next year.

Guests won’t actually sleep in the house – they’ll retire at night to a newer four-bedroom home built on the grounds. They’ll take an in-depth tour one night and be treated to a dinner party with a special guest and the house curators the next. Days are free to spend at leisure, enjoying Fallingwater as the house’s director says it was meant to be. Guests can stroll the grounds, explore different rooms of the house, or simply relax as though the home was their own.

The going rate to sleep in an architectural masterpiece? $1,195 per person for double occupancy.

Delaware museum exhibits copy of famous art

The Delaware Art Museum is proud to exhibit a copy of the Mona Lisa. So, if a trip to the Louvre is not in your budget this year, consider Wilmington. You can enjoy the lovely smile of Leonardo da Vinci’s Norwegian artist Tor Egil Hansen’s masterpiece without breaking the bank. Apparently, Hansen spent five months (in 2004 and 2005) to create this knockoff, committing around 400 hours to paint what had already been painted.

So, don your Folex watch, Prado shoes and Armanee suit, and head out to the Delaware Art Museum. Or, if you’re feeling bold, wait for this newer Mona Lisa to appear alongside pirated DVDs on Manhattan’s Canal Street.

It’s announcements like this one that make the financial crisis come to life. We’re celebrating knockoffs in Wilmington.