George W. Bush’s Visit to Guatemala Causes a Mayan Stir

George W. Bush and Laura are in Guatemala checking out various sites there—some government, some agriculture and some tourist related.

Next week, Bush is heading to Guatemala’s archeological site, Iximche, the once capital of the Mayan kingdom Kaqchiqueles before the Spanish showed up and did a number on it in 1524. The Mayan descendents are not too pleased that Bush is coming and plan to have a Mayan priest hold a purification ceremony of the site after he leaves. I bet, though, there will be a spike in visitors now that the site is in the news.

If you want to visit the site yourself one of these days, check out Ecotourism and Adventure Specialists’ website. The company operates a variety of tours. Some of them include Mayan ruins. This is a good place to find out what interests you and what’s available. When I did a search on Iximche, a lot of what I found was articles about Bush ‘s visit. Here is an interesting blog post by Kambiz Kamrani that I found on Kamrani writes a bit about this convergence of ritual and politics. The photo is from the post and is of a Mayan purification ceremony.