NYC Mayor’s Cup

I have to say I haven’t gotten myself over there yet, and the event is already in full swing…but right now over at the Hudson River the first ever New York City Mayor’s Cup is happening. It’s a big deal for paddle people who love the city. The race takes some of the nation’s top paddlers around the entire island of Manhattan (some 26 miles, by most people’s reckoning).

The event organizers say that the event offers some rough water, but I’m not sure what they mean since the closest thing we have to a rapid or wave on the Hudson is when the Queen Mary II goes by. But they point to Hell’s Gate, where water combines from Long Island Sound, the Harlem River and the East River, thus creating waves, whirlpools and “very confused water” (am I salty, am I fresh?).

I may try to hoof it down there today and will post some pics if I do.

via Manhattan Kayak Co)