Where on Earth? Week 27: Fraser Island, Australia

I predicted that you guys would get this one right off the bat, and you didn’t disapoint. Chris was the first one to correctly identify this as the Meheno shipwreck on Fraser Island in Australia, with an honorable mention to Paul, who thought it might be an abandoned Ikea store in Ames, Iowa. Close, but no cigar.

I knew this would be an easy one because the shipwreck, and Fraser Island itself, is one of the must-see attractions of Queensland. And I can see why — imagine an entire, habitable island that exists on basically a sand dune! Fraser Island has amazing beaches, beautiful vegetation, lots of dingos (good for pictures; bad for silly tourists who provoke them) and the most beautiful beach I’ve ever seen on McKenzie Lake — I kid you not, it looks exactly like this, except with more tourists.

So, if you’re in Queensland, I would highly recommend Fraser Island. It’s a tourist trap, yes, but there’s a reason.