Photo of the Day (01.16.10)

No, this isn’t a photo that a young Don Quixote brought to school for show and tell. It’s a bucolic scene on Russia’s Kizhi island captured by Flickr user kellinasf. While I wouldn’t want to be the gentleman charged with manning this windmill (are windmills manned?), I’d love to spend an afternoon laying in that field, staring at the clouds and doodling in a journal.

Kizhi is known for its wooden churches, chapels and houses. The structures are part of a UNESCO World Heritage Site which draws thousands of tourists every year. But, for my money, a day in this meadow listening to the wind rustle the leaves of that tree and the creaking of the wooden windmill would be the only way I’d want to enjoy a visit to Kizhi. Call me simple, but that’s all I would need. Well, if someone packed me an eight-foot party sub for the afternoon, I wouldn’t complain about that either.

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