Traveling Healthy Guide Before You Hit the Road

The other day I was rummaging around our medicine cabinet for a band-aid and came up with nothing. The last time I looked, I found a Spiderman band-aid tucked in a corner that worked just fine. Once, it was Sponge Bob. Regardless, this time there was not a one. Rats. Since we live near a drug store and a grocery store, being band-aidless isn’t any big deal; a whole box is just around the corner. In a Himalayan village, it’s another story.

Here’s a handy list from Pepto-Bismol, the stomach taming medicine that has a color (hint: It’s pink) named after it that can help make sure when you are in the middle of nowhere you can feel better. There are a couple of things I’ve never thought about gathering into a zip-lock bag, but I can see the need. One is a thermometer. It’d probably be handy to find out just how high a fever is. Although, in the middle of nowhere that might be kinda scary.

Of course, on the top of Pepto-Bismol’s list is Pepto-Bismol which actually works, and now that it also comes in a tablet form, it’s easier to take along and swallow. Looking over the list, it occurs to me that I’ve been a bit remiss on the traveling medicine cabinet approach. Before we hit the road in three weeks for the Jersey Shore, I ought to beef it up. In the meantime, we really do need some band-aids.