Australian man nabbed at customs for smuggling live pigeons in his pants

Folks, file this one among the stranger tales of customs violations you’re likely to hear.

Australian customs officers recently stopped a 23-year-old man from Melbourne who was attempting to smuggle two live pigeons from Dubai into the country by strapping them to his legs.

Customs officers were already suspicious of the man’s bags — which they found to contain two bird eggs and several undeclared eggplants, according to reports — and when they pulled him aside they found that he was wearing special tights under his pants that concealed a live pigeon down each leg.

One wonders whether at a critical moment the helpless little things didn’t let out a last-ditch oorhh! to earn their deliverance.

What’s going to happen to this guy? A spokesperson for Australian Customs told local media that he is likely to face various smuggling and quarantine violations, which carry fines exceeding $100,000 and which could land him in jail for as many as 10 years — to say nothing of the fact that he is now officially pigeonholed as a complete moron.