Toiletries Meet Pitotubes

Packing toiletries always becomes a major production. I have yet to master a way to shrink down the amount of shampoos, lotions, and travel-sized shaving cream I toss in my bags and then there’s the reoccurring nightmare of everything exploding while some 35,000 ft in the air. I’ve managed to soothe myself and my worries by wrapping the goods twice in recycled Target bags, but who am I kidding? If the lotion, baby oil or body wash is going to leak, it’s going to leak.

Leave it to the folks at CoolHunting to find some sort of travel gear/invention to help someone like myself out. They’ve discovered Pitotubes, the creation of a former flight attendant who too often heard the tale of ruined goods from explosive bathroom items. The tubes can are said to withstand the most brutal luggage handling and changing pressures. They are elegant, leak-free, refillable travel bottles made from high quality PETG recyclable plastic. A set of six bottles with labels costs about $50 and for that price I think I’m willing to chance my double-wrapping Target bag method a little longer, though my luck may be running out.

Pitotubes can be purchased at Flight 001.