‘Diana, Huntress of Bus Drivers’ Takes Vengeance In Ciudad Juarez

We’ve been hearing about crime near the Mexican border for years now, but one of the most recent spates of crime is a bit different from the rest. A blonde woman who wears all black has allegedly been killing bus drivers who have sexually assaulted female passengers. Ciudad Juarez has long set the scene for brutal crimes against women and some women’s advocates aren’t surprised by the avenger’s actions. Two bus drivers were killed over the last week and the killer sent a message to news outlets claiming responsibility for the deaths.

“You think because we are women we are weak, and maybe we are, but only to a certain point,” states the message, according to the Los Angeles Times. The message goes on to say, “We can no longer remain quiet over these acts that fill us with rage. And so, I am an instrument who will take vengeance.” Bus drivers in Ciudad Juarez are terrified of the woman, who signed the letter “Diana, Huntress of Bus Drivers.”

[Thanks, Los Angeles Times]

Gun-toting Mexican “pirates” shoot to kill on border lake

One man is presumed dead, and his wife was able to get away. The couple was jetskiing on the Falcon Lake reservoir. They crossed to the Mexican side of the water, according to Zapata county Sheriff Sigfredo Gonzalez, where they came under fire. The shooters are believed to be “Mexican drug operatives,” the San Antonio Express-News reports. Two “boatloads” of men unleashed a torrent of bullets, shooting the husband in the head.

The San Antonio Express-News continues: “They saw them approaching and started revving it up back to the U.S. side,” Gonzalez told the Associated Press. “The guys just started shooting at them from behind.”

This isn’t the only instance of “piracy” along the border recently. Back in May, two boaters were said to have been “shaken down” on the Mexican side of the water. And, according to the Texas Department of Public Safety, there were other incidents, as well. The DPS has issued a warning about crossing the border to the Mexican side of the lake.

[Via Gawker, photo by Ack Ook via Flickr]