Train like a SEAL on your next adventure vacation

Some travelers like to take a nice, quiet vacation. They fly off somewhere sunny and warm, then sit on a beach, sipping a fruity drink with an umbrella in it. Others prefer something a bit more active, embarking on an adventure that can test their mind and body alike. SEAL Training Adventures was created specifically for those types of individuals, giving them a taste of what it like to be part of an elite military team.

The SEALs, which stands for Sea Air and Land Forces, have their origins dating back to the underwater demolition squads from World War II, but officially came into existence in the early 60’s, when the U.S. government recognized the need for special operations units in South East Asia. Since that time, SEAL units have seen duty in all corners of the globe on a variety of mission types, ranging from counter terrorism to humanitarian relief. With more than four decades of service, the SEALs have refined their training methods to the point that they have become legendary, both in and out of the military. SEAL Training Adventures hopes to give us some insight into that training with two programs designed for potential recruits and civilians alike.

The first program is known as the SEAL Adventure Challenge, and it is a 24-hour introduction to the training methods employed by the Navy when preparing SEAL teams. The second program is six days in length, and is called the Special Operations Force Academy. This program will show you exactly what it like to be a member of a special forces team for a week, including some SCUBA diving and sky diving elements. Both programs will push you physically and mentally, and are taught by a staff of highly trained instructors who have extensive military backgrounds and years of training to give you the most authentic experience possible.

Of course, this isn’t exactly everyone’s idea of a great vacation. Participants definitely go into it looking for a challenge and probably get all that they want and more. It also appears that once you finish either of the programs, you’ll end up needing one of those beach vacations and fruity drinks with the umbrellas when you are done.