Southwest Airlines new fees: Pets, children and baggage

Starting in June, Southwest Airlines is allowing for pets on board for a $75.00 pet fare. This doesn’t mean the animal that won’t fit in a small carrier can climb on board. The carrier will count as a carry on bag. Hmmm, what if the pet fits in a purse and no one knows it’s there?

In the human realm, there’s another fee being tacked on in June for children flying solo if they are between the ages of 5-11. The $25 is to help cover the cost for making sure that junior, as an unaccompanied minor gets the extra assistance needed. Flights need to be direct, otherwise no solo travel for your pre-adolescent offspring.

In another effort to bring in more money, another $25 is being tacked onto the overweight baggage fee. On a positive note about this overweight baggage stuff, I imagine travelers aren’t hurting their backs as much dragging belongs from pillar to post.

If you compare the fees other airlines charges for these services, as reported in this AP article, Southwest is still a cheaper option. The $75 charge or a pet seems like a bargain, although AirTran’s fee is just $69 for one-way.The most expensive is Delta. The on-board pet can cost $150 to $277.