Gallery: More travel sketches from BBC’s Tim Baynes

We wrote yesterday about Tim Baynes’ delightful travel sketches from around the world on BBC and liked them so much we came back for more. You can (and should!) get lost for hours looking at his drawings on Flickr with fun anecdotes and scribbles bringing depth and humor to his slice-of-life artwork.

Check out some of our favorites in the gallery below, from a look inside the BBC Starbucks to the madness of Dubai immigration during the ash cloud to a quiet barbershop in Tripoli.


See more of Tim Baynes’ work on the BBC, his personal Flickr stream, or order a copy of his book Doors to Automatic and Cross Check, direct from the artist.

All photos courtesy of Tim Baynes.

Travel sketches from BBC’s Tim Baynes draw on a lifetime of travel

One of our favorite new travel blogs this year is from none other than the venerable news organization, the BBC. One of BBC The Passport‘s regular features is “Drawing from Experience” with sketches from Tim Baynes. Baynes’ drawings are an assortment of postcard-perfect scenes, witty observations, and random sketches from his travels around the world and commuting in London. Like many other famous travelers, his medium of choice is the Moleskine notebook, but he often involves other media such as airline ticket stubs as in the New York City skyline drawing above.

Enjoy more of Tim Baynes’ work on the BBC, his personal Flickr stream, or order a copy of his book Doors to Automatic and Cross Check, direct from the artist.

Photo courtesy Tim Baynes’ Flickr page.

Moleskine notebooks introduces new bags, reading, and writing accessories

Few products (analog, at least) get travelers, writers, and artists as excited as Moleskine. The classic black Moleskine notebooks have been used by Ernest Hemingway, Pablo Picasso, and Oscar Wilde, as well as many a journaler and design-lover. A new collection unveiled this week at Milan’s Salon del Mobile is the stuff of many travelers’ dreams. The Reading, Writing, and Traveling series from Italian designer Giulio Iacchetti includes bags and computer cases, pencils and pens, reading glasses, a rechargeable reading light and an e-reader stand. Each piece is designed for maximum mobility, and to complement each other as well as the original notebook, complete with the signature black elastic band.

The new collection is on view in Milan now and at the ICFF design show in New York in mid-May. See more photos and details on the Moleskine Facebook page and on the design blog core77, along with an interview with the designer.

We can’t wait to get our hands on a Moleskine laptop bag, though we can’t help hoping they branch out to luggage as well. What Moleskine products would you like to see?

Photo courtesy of Moleskine on Flickr.

New Moleskine Travel Journal lets you document your adventures

Last year, we took a closer look at the new Moleskine destination guidebooks, designed to help you navigate new cities. The newest product from this famous notebook maker was created to let you document every aspect of your trip. Everything in the new Travel Journal notebook is there to help you record and recall memories of your travels.

Inside the Travel Journal, you’ll find adhesive labels to help personalize your pages, themed sections to document planning and wish lists as well as several handy resources to help with your plans. Perhaps the best part of the Travel Journal is that the cover is designed to look like a retro airport departure board.

According to Moleskine, the new Travel Journal will be available in March for $19.95 – but we already found it in stock from Amazon for just $13.46.

Moleskine announces hybrid notebooks for the iPhone and iPad

After taking on the Amazon Kindle, Moleskine just announced an assortment of new notebooks designed for the Apple iPhone and iPad. The announcement only mentions the iPhone 3G and 3GS, so hopefully an iPhone 4 version won’t be too far behind.

The new notebooks are designed to let you take full advantage of your digital device, and switch to paper notes when it suits you. Of course, with this being Moleskine, the covers are extremely well made, with nice touches like a suede interior lining.

The new cases are available for pre-order on Amazon. You can learn more about the iPhone and iPad Moleskine cases on their product announcement page.