Monte Cristo: Australia’s most haunted house

When I was poking around to find a haunted house tour on You Tube–I don’t have the time to actually go to one–I found this one of a house that is spooky enough to give anyone the willies. The music is perfect. That droning organ music that is mixed with rattles and wind whooshes made me a bit antsy by the end. And, the setting really put me on edge. My dog just shook herself and I jumped. Seriously, I’m not lying. The filming is a perfect creep out.

Monte Cristo Homestead in Junee, Australia is said to be Australia’s most haunted house. Throughout the video, Mrs. Aussie Bear, who created it, includes heading titles that highlight the details of just what awful thing happened in each spot of the house. It’s said to be haunted by the ghost of Mrs. Crawley, one of the owners who only left the house twice in the 23 years after her husband died. Here’s a link from the homestead’s website that highlights some of the mysterious happenings.

The house is open for tours every day but Christmas.