Photo of the Day: raining in Tel Aviv

The rainy day colors and textures of Flickr user Better Nothing Than Almost’s photo caught my eye today. Taken near Tel Aviv, Israel, the blurry drops of water that cling to the window create an impressionist-like effect on the image. I love the hushed color palette, darkening skies and bursts of warm light. It feels eerie yet warm at the same time.

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Photo of the Day (10-21-09)

There are some photographs that are the stuff from which novels are made–or if not a novel, a mighty fine short story–possibly written by Annie Proulx or Alice Monro. This stunning shot taken in Maine by justin fain is one of them. There’s a moody quality to the lighting and the colors that immediately drew me into the scene. Although the shot is absent of people, except for the lone boat in the distance, their presence is felt.

The question is, would the story be a romance or a horror story? Would anyone be killed? Is the person who lives here waiting for someone who is lost at sea? Is there a happy ending? Oh, I hope so.

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*I think the lighthouse in the photo is the Portland Head Light in Cape Elizabeth, near Portland.

Find things to do when you feel hungover or romantic

There are probably close to 1000 sites that list “things to do”, but most of them list the same boring stuff (OK, so I admit that I made that number up).

Thankfully, every now and then someone has a neat idea, and puts it into reality by building a web site around it.

“I Feel” is a “things to do” site that currently covers 3 big cities (New York, Toronto and London) and lets you find stuff to do when you are feeling naughty, energetic, hungover or one of 6 other moods.

Want to find somewhere to go in London when you are feeling broke? How about a nice discount shoe shop, or a cheap trip on the London Clipper!

The site is currently in “beta mode”, but invites are being sent out which should allow you to add your own submissions to the maps. No invite or account is needed to search through the tips. I browsed London for some of the ideas and have to say that there are some real gems listed. The results include anything from food to nightclubs.

All the locations are overlaid upon a Google map, so you’ll be able to do all the cool things their maps can do, as well as print or email your results, plus you can link to other reviews of the locations using Google local.

Sites: I Feel London, I Feel Toronto and I Feel New York