Sex, dolly buster, Britney Spears and burrito: which country Googles what the most?

Big Brother named Google is watching and there’s a tally of the number of people in countries who search certain key words. It’s a fun little tally, though, although I’m not sure what the findings mean. Are these people’s obsessions or just musings? I think another interesting tally would be words that countries don’t Google. For example, “sex.” This wins top place as the word typed in the most in Egypt, India and Turkey. I think in some countries Googling sex might find that person in a world of trouble. I also want to know what a Dolly Buster is. Is it a beer? A buxom blond? I could look it up, but I’d rather ask you all.

Here’s more of the top searched words and the countries where the people are Googling them. I say this list also indicates where Internet access is more easily available–and perhaps who has desk jobs.

  • “Jihad” – Morocco, Indonesia, Pakistan
  • “Terrorism” – Pakistan, Philippines, Australia
  • “Hangover” – Ireland, United Kingdom, United States
  • “Burrito” – United States, Argentina, Canada
  • “Iraq” – United States, Australia, Canada
  • “Taliban” – Pakistan, Australia, Canada
  • “Tom Cruise” – Canada, United States, Australia
  • “Britney Spears” – Mexico, Venezuela, Canada
  • “Homosexual” – Philippines, Chile, Venezuela
  • “Love” – Philippines, Australia, United States
  • “Botox” – Australia, United States, United Kingdom
  • “Viagra” – Italy, United Kingdom, Germany
  • “David Beckham” – Venezuela, United Kingdom, Mexico
  • “Kate Moss” – Ireland, United Kingdom, Sweden
  • “Dolly Buster” – Czech Republic, Austria, Slovakia
  • “Car bomb” – Australia, United States, Canada
  • “Marijuana” – Canada, United States, Australia
  • “IAEA” – Austria, Pakistan, Iran