Denali Denied?

A buddy of mine has climbed Mt. McKinley (aka Denali) about a dozen times. He says it’s one of the roughest,
most challenging climbs around, certainly one of the most challenging in the United States. It’s also very popular. So
it might surprise some climbers and would be Hillarys this year to find out that the National Park Service will
be restricting
the number of climbers up the big mountain this coming season. Yes, just 1,500 people will be allowed
to attempt the 20,320 summit because there have in the past been too many problems with high-traffic and rescues and all
that stuff. Not to mention the waste that has built up along the trail, from people’s actual garbage to their human

The good news is that the 1,500 figure isn’t actually that restrictive since fewer than that, some
1300, attempted the summit last year. But the broader issue is all about care and maintenance of the mountain, as you
can read here.