Photo Of The Day: A Sunburst From Australia’s Blue Mountains

Just outside of Sydney, Australia‘s city limits are the Blue Mountains. The region has gorgeous plateaus and cliffs that are covered in lush greenery that seem as though they have never been touched. Flickr user VernsPics slept in a cave and rose with the sun to get this unbelievable sunrise peeking through the clouds.

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Name that mountain range!

I love looking through my friends’ beautiful photos of where they’ve been — especially mountain ranges. The fact is, though, having never lived or spent an extended period of time in the mountains, I have trouble telling the Rockies from the Sierra Nevadas, and so on.

Can you do it? Check out these five photos of American mountain ranges. Note which letter is over each picture (they’re jumbled) and click Read More for the key — bonus points if you know which state the photo depicts! Many thanks to for setting me straight.


A. The Klamath Mountains – Oregon
B. The Rocky Mountains – Colorado
C. The Sierra Nevada Mountains – California
D. The Appalachian Mountains – Maine
E. The Cascades – Washington

Test your friends!