Stow your wireless mouse in a toddler-size sock – Packing tip

If you’re traveling with your laptop and bringing a wireless mouse with you, stick it inside one of your toddler’s outgrown socks.

A toddler’s sock is the perfect size to cushion this delicate hardware. Plus, it’s a great way to recycle clothing you’d normally toss in the garbage or use for a rag.

Also: it’s cute.

[Photo: Flickr | FHKE]

Daily deal – Microsoft Bluetooth Notebook mouse for $30

My daily deal for today is for the Microsoft Bluetooth Notebook Mouse 5000 (seriously, who comes up with these names?).

This battery powered cordless mouse communicates with your PC using Bluetooth technology, so your laptop or desktop will need to have built in Bluetooth, or a Bluetooth USB adapter in order to use it.

The mouse is a tad smaller than a regular desktop mouse, but still features a scroll wheel, back button and a high resolution laser for tracking your movements.

The mouse even includes a carrying bag to prevent damage when you throw it in your laptop bag. The Notebook mouse 5000 works on Windows and Mac machines, and normally retails for $49.99, but is currently on sale for just $29.99 through Since it is over $25, you’ll even get free shipping.

Daily deal – Targus notebook accessories kit for $9.99

My daily deal for today is for the Targus Mobile Essentials notebook accessories kit.

Included in the kit is a wireless optical mouse, a pocket USB 2.0 hub, a USB numeric keypad and 2 different pocket surge protectors (a must have in my opinion).

The kit usually retails for around $40, but has it on sale for just $9.99. As with all Fry’s items; you can place an order to be shipped to you, or you can save the $6 shipping and order online for pick up at your local Fry’s store.

The kit contains all the parts you need to work more efficiently on your laptop when you are traveling, and the pocket sized components mean you won’t be adding too much bulk to your luggage. If you plan to use your laptop anywhere with sketchy electricity, then the surge protectors could be a real lifesaver as they’ll help protect your cherished laptop from all kinds of nastiness.

Gadling’s Top 25 travel technology products of 2008 — Part 2

Blueant Supertooth 3

As more and more states introduce legislation banning calls without a handsfree device, portable handsfree devices have suddenly become more important than ever.

The Blueant Supertooth 3 is a very compact battery powered Bluetooth carkit with fantastic sound quality. The Supertooth 3 also features integrated text-to-speech and voice recognition.

The microphone inside the Supertooth 3 is so impressive that callers on the other end of your conversation will not even notice they are on a speakerphone.

By far the most impressive feature hidden away inside the Supertooth 3 is a vibration sensor that turns the unit off when your car stops moving. Thanks to this sensor, the carkit can provide you with several weeks of power. A smart magnetic clip even allows you to attach the Supertooth 3 on either side of your sun visor!

Why it matters to travelers: Small enough to fit inside your carry-on and perfect for your rental car.
Price: $129
Gadling review: October 29th 2008


When I am on the road with my gadgets, I fear 2 things; running out of power to keep them running, and losing them. I’ve made it a habit to double check all my bags and pockets before leaving the plane, and I’ll usually spend 10 minutes going through my hotel room before I check out. But at the end of the day, it’s always a possibility that I leave my phone or music player behind.

To help increase my chances of getting my stuff back, I’ve labeled my more expensive gadgets with a tag from Yougetitback. These tags contain a unique serial number as well as a phone number people can call to help me get my stuff back. Of course, the entire process depends on the honesty of whoever finds it, but at least I have a better chance of getting it back than leaving it behind without any form of identification attached.

Yougetitback sells tags in all shapes and sizes, including key protectors and luggage tags. When you activate a tag, you can even assign a reward to your account which will be paid to whoever is honest enough to call. Yougetitback takes care of the return shipping process, so the caller does not have to worry about any costs.

Why it matters to travelers: May help increase your chances of getting lost gadgets or luggage back.
Price: From $9.99
Gadling review: Coming soon.

Garmin Oregon 400t

The Garmin Oregon 400t is not your everyday GPS unit. While most manufacturers focus on bringing maps to your car, Garmin have spent a lot of time developing a GPS unit specifically for outdoors use.

The Oregon 400t is a rugged and waterproof touch screen device. Inside the unit is a high resolution topographic map designed for on the trail or water. The 400t even features a built in barometer and compass.

Thanks to its integrated geocaching support, you can start an outdoor adventure, and find your way home at the end of the day. The Oregon 400t even allows you to wirelessly send routes, tracks and other items to other Oregon GPS units.

Why it matters to travelers: The best way to find your way around when you leave civilization.
Price: $599
Gadling review: Coming soon

Slacker G2

The Slacker G2 is a portable music player with a twist; instead of relying on your own collection of music, you get access to millions of songs provided by the Slacker service. Slacker offers a wide selection of themed radio stations, but you can also build you own radio station filled with artists and music styles you chose. The Slacker G2 can refresh its music through Wi-Fi, which means you’ll be able to get online and grab a fresh batch of music, no matter where you are.

The player itself is quite small, but Slacker still managed to squeeze a large screen inside, as well as a battery with enough juice for almost 15 hours of playback. The player even comes complete with noise isolating headphones and a case.

Why it matters to travelers: New music on the road, without the need for a PC.
Price: From $199 (4GB/25 stations)
Gadling review: September 16th 2008

Proporta Gadget Bag

So, you’ve got an impressive lineup of gadgets for your upcoming trip, but how do you plan to carry it all with you?

In my case, I searched high and low, and finally found the perfect solution with the Proporta gadget bag. This 4 piece gadget bag is spacious enough to carry the most insane collection of gadgets. The main bag connects to 2 smaller bags using zippers, and a small internal bag holds all your little items.

Each bag even features a cable pass-through allowing you to keep gadgets inside the bag, and still use your headphones or charger cord.

Why it matters to travelers: Keeps all your gadgets in one convenient location, and can be split into 3 separate bags.
Price: $47.95
Gadling review: Coming soon

Kensington Travel plug adapter with USB charger

Take one part international plug adapter, add a USB charger, and you’ll get the Kensington International adapter with USB.

This adapter has retracting plugs for most countries in the world. What makes this product stand out, is that the top of the adapter can be removed, and replaced with an international USB charger.

Why it mat
ters to travelers:
A single device with international plugs and a USB charger
Price: $29.99
Gadling review: November 9th 2008

Slingbox Solo

Ever been stranded in a hotel room with nothing more than 6 channels of local programming and a barely functioning remote control?

The Slingbox Solo is the only product in this list that works best when left at home. The Slingbox Solo takes the signal from your home TV (cable, cablebox, DVR or satellite box) and “streams” it over the Internet.

By running the Slingplayer on your computer, you get full control over your video source back home thanks to a “virtual remote control”.

You can even access your Slingbox on a compatible mobile phone, or with the new Slingcatcher.

Why it matters to travelers: Watch your home TV when you are away from home.
Price: From $179.99
Gadling review: Coming soon

La Fresh travel wipes

La Fresh has the honor of being one of just a few non battery operated products in this list.

La Fresh produces a lineup of single use travel wipes. Their assortment includes the usual stuff like anti-bacterial wipes, but also deodorant, sunscreen, makeup remover and even shoe shine wipes.

Their single use travel combo packs include everything you could possibly need to freshen up if you find yourself away from the civilized world (or if the airline loses your bag!). Inside a small pouch is a deodorant wipe, a minty-mitt mouth wipe, nail polish remover, hydrating lotion and a shoe shine towelette.

Of course, because the towelettes contain very little liquid, you can carry them through the TSA checkpoint without getting hassled.

Why it matters to travelers: Perfect solution for a quick freshen-up on a trip.
Price: From $8.99 for a single use travel pack
Gadling review: August 14th 2008

MoGo Mouse

The MoGo mouse is a credit card sized mouse designed to fit inside the expansion slot of your laptop. You’ll need Bluetooth in your laptop (or a USB Bluetooth adapter), but the rest is all plug and play.

The mouse recharges in just a few minutes when inserted in your laptop and a small folding stand raises the mouse off your desk for ease of use. The mouse is surprisingly easy to use and is available for PCCard and Expresscard/54 laptops.

Why it matters to travelers: Easy to carry, and usually better than the built in mouse of your laptop.
Price: From $79.99
Gadling review: Coming soon

The Notebook Buffer

As portable computers become faster, the heat they produce increases. With some computers I have tested, I’ve measured well over 135F on the bottom of the machine. With heat like this, you get dangerously close to injury territory.

There have always been notebook cooling pads, but they add more bulk to your luggage, and the fans inside these coolers drain even more battery power from your laptop. In my quest for a better solution, I came across The Notebook Buddy.

This fabric mesh cooling pad is made of thousands of little springy pieces of plastic, allowing for air flow under your machine. The pad can be rolled up and stuffed in your carry on bag.

Why it matters to travelers: Allows you to use your notebook on your lap without burning yourself
Price: $18.95
Gadling review: October 9th 2008

Daily Deal – 25 Targus travel products for under $25 each

Welcome to my fist Deal Of The Day!

My deal today comes from Targus and it is not one product, but 25 different products. To celebrate their 25th anniversary, Targus is offering some of their most popular items for under $25 each.

You’ll find some pretty nice notebook bags, backpacks, a portable wireless mouse and a nifty voice recording remote control with laser pointer. Shipping on most products is a reasonable $7 and most Targus products come with a limited lifetime warranty.

Some of the highlights are the deluxe ladies tote which retails on Amazon for $81.88 and the Flare 15.4″ backpack which retails for $59.03. But the best deal (in my opinion) is their mobile essentials kit for the iPod and other MP3 players; this carrying bag comes with a car and wall charger for your mobile player, speakers, a battery backup charger and a headphone splitter.

The deals can be found here (source: