Daily Pampering: Relaxed French dining … in Brooklyn

Sometimes, the lap of luxury pops up in unexpected places. Moutarde, Le Bistro de la Rue, a fine French restaurant in Brooklyn, is a perfect example of this phenomenon.

Previously known simply as Cafe Moutarde, the Park Slope bistro has recently received a makeover and new moniker inspired by Parisian neighborhood bistros. Moutarde, Le Bistro de la Rue hopes to bring the relaxed and familial, yet extravagant feel of French dining to the foodies of Brooklyn and Manhattan and beyond.

Despite the cosmopolitan concept of the restaurant, you’ll find the menu surprisingly affordable, with items like escargot appetizers at just $6.75 and homemade crème brûlée for just $6.50. Entrees will run you $16-$20.

This is a terrific way to “travel” to France on a budget: just go to Brooklyn and pretend. Moutarde, Le Bistro de la Rue is a fantastic new place to do so. Not all luxuries have to cost arms and legs.

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[Photo credit: See-Ming Lee]