The Three Stooges Have a Museum

I like collections. I have baskets from various countries, for example. My basket collection, frankly, is piddly. Gary Lassin’s collection of Three Stooges memorabilia is enormous. He has 3,000 items on display in the museum he opened in 2004 near Ambler, Pennsylvania. The museum called Stoogeum also has a 85 seat theater where he shows Three Stooges movies.

If you go here, you can find items you probably didn’t know existed. I know that I didn’t know about them. Of course, there’s the movie posters and photos you’d expect, but there’s also cans and bottles of Three Stooges Beer and a Three Stooges Talking Bottle Opener. My husband has a Homer Simpson talking bottle opener, but the battery is dead. I bought it for him a couple years ago and I wonder if the bottle openers were made during the same time period.The museum’s front door also talks. It says “hello, hello, hello,” in the Three Stooges voices.

If you decide to go here, email Gary Lassin at the address in this article. You do have to make an appointment. One person who visited is Entertainment Tonight‘s movie critic Leonard Maltin. For movie buffs, Maltin’s blog is a fun place to hang out for awhile. Maltin gives accounts of places he’s been that are related to movies including art exhibits.

The photo is of blogger Kansas Stooge in front of the Stoogeum. He’s a Three Stooges fan as well–obviously.