Dopppio Travel Mug — and more — from Innate Gear

When you’re a coffee fueled somewhat manic depressive north-westerner, you become obsessed with not just where you get your coffee, but how you transport it from point A to point B. And maybe you’ve got some bleeding heart lefty in there too, so you want something reusable.

Furthermore, you already know you’re drinking too much damn coffee, so maybe you could not fill that insulated mug you’ve been hauling around with you all the way? Yeah, that’s going to happen.

Innate knows you have a caffeine problem. And they’ll enable you with a standard line of insulated travel mugs, but they’ve also got a more modest sized container that you can fill with your four shots of espresso, because whoa, now wait a minute, aren’t you trying to cut down?

Okay, we might be talking about me.

Still, that modest sized little charger fits a couple of shots and a splash of milk; that’s how someone who might be trying to cut down would use it. (Or, you know, you could go to decaf.) It makes me a little crazy that there’s almost no such thing as a small anymore in coffee; why can I not get 4 ounces when I order a small? The Innate Doppio mug holds 6.5 ounces, so that’s a start. Let’s imagine, for a minute, how our barristas will respond to, “Size matters, could I have it smaller, please?” A-hem. Not well. Ask me about the time I asked for a small and the barrista said “I have a medium or a medium” while holding up two different sized cups. There’s not enough coffee in the world to make that okay.

I picked up my pocket tumbler from Innate at the Outdoor Retailer show (here’s fellow Gadling gear head Kraig Becker’s write up of the event), you can get yours from REI. They come in silver in black and a burgundy wine color, but there are also a few cute jelly bean type colors — mine is a springy green. No, it doesn’t have an open/close valve on the lid like Innate’s Americano mug, so you might want to think twice about putting it in the water bottle cage on your bike, but it’s great for filling up at home, then walking to the bus stop, then filling up again once you’ve got downtown and are stopping into your favorite espresso joint, and then, filling up in the office while complaining about how the coffee at work is so much worse than the coffee at the espresso joint and how you really, really, really ought to cut down.

Oh, we’re talking about me again. Where was I? Innate Doppio travel mugs. Cute. Inexpensive. Might help you with that coffee addiction. Or not. That’s what I was saying.

SkyMall Monday: TimeMug

People are always shocked to learn that I don’t drink coffee. They say, “Mike, you attack the day with the vim and vigor of a boy one-third your age. Certainly, you must caffeinate yourself every morning.” People are also surprised to learn that I rarely wear a watch. They say things like, “But, Mike, you are as prompt as a man with one-third the level of OCD that you possess. Certainly, you must have a precision timepiece.” Well, the fact of the matter is I do not need coffee or watches. I’m high on life and my body clock is more accurate than the U.S. government’s atomic clock. But, for those of you who are without these natural gifts there’s the TimeMug.

The TimeMug finally puts a clock face where you’ve always needed it: on the side of your insulated travel mug. How many times has this happened to you: You’re sipping your cup of coffee, realize you need to know the time, check your watch and spill your coffee all over your trousers? If you said, “at least seven times,” then I’m amazed that you have the motor skills to access this website. Regardless, who needs the time and their coffee separated? By combining their powers, there’s literally nothing that can stop you from being on-time and alert.*

But what if you’re a fashionista who needs a TravelMug that matches your couture lifestyle? Well, for you there’s the TimeMug Rhinestone Collection. Wouldn’t it look handsome in your Bentley’s cup holder? Yes, it would.

As always, let’s rely on the official product description to seal the deal:

With two rhinestone timepiece options and so many dazzling colors to choose from, there’s a TimeMug right for everyone.

The good people at TimeMug understand that the only things that matter to consumers are colors and rhinestones. It’s like they can see into our souls. So, put down your Bedazzler and get yourself a TimeMug.

* Any number of things could still prevent you from being on-time and/or alert including, but not limited to, traffic, insomnia, “Irishing up your coffee,” rabies and explosive diarrhea.

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