My Mile Marker Tracks Your MPG

I don’t personally own a car, but in a few weeks I’ll be going on a two-week-long, 5,500-mile road trip to the west coast via the empty interior.

No, I won’t be on a bike — my cousin, Matthia, and I will be driving his car, and I’ll be blogging the entire trip so you guys can travel vicariously through me on this marathon road trip. Since my cousin and I will be splitting the cost of gas, I need to keep meticulous records (something I’m horrible at) of each fill up. I plan on writing down the pertinent information (price per gallon, number of gallons purchased, number of miles since last stop, etc.) and calculating the numbers when I return home. However, I just found about a new (free) website called My Mile Marker which allows you to enter all of this information into their system, and it’ll produce charts, graphs, and evaluate your fuel economy. Best of all, you can update from the road with your cell phone!

Unfortunately I don’t have any data to plug into the system to test it out, but I will after my upcoming road trip. In the mean time, if anyone wants to run their numbers through My Mile Marker, drop us a line and let us know how it works. [via]