AOL’s “Mystery Flyer” takes to the skies to find the friendliest service

In the world of mystery shoppers, someone visits stores and restaurants to determine their level of quality. Our friends at AOL Travel are doing something similar – but they are after ratings on domestic US airlines.

Yesterday, this “spy in the sky” took their first flight of the season – on board a JetBlue plane. The best part of this mystery flier is that he or she is sharing their entire experience on Twitter – so you and I can follow them, and hopefully learn which airlines score high points for being friendly and helpful, and which ones are best to be avoided.

With so many different airlines, rules and fees in the lineup of US air carriers, it will be interesting to see how they all rate – and whether there are any surprises. Yesterdays JetBlue flight already looks pretty good – lots of friendly smiles and helpful flight attendants.

You don’t have to be “on Twitter” to follow the Mystery Flyer – just bookmark this page, to stay updated. Of course, if you are on Twitter, feel free to interact with the flyer, and don’t forget to follow them!